In 2021, the world was still striving to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. The profound changes to everyday life affected how we work together and perform our tasks. The spring brought an unexpected change of leadership at SATW. Simultaneously, the discussion with the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences about roles and cooperation gained momentum. Our members, experts and staff can now look back on a successful year with pleasure and pride.

Pictured, from left to right: Prof. Christopher Hierold (Co-President a.i.), Dr. Esther Koller (Managing Director a.i.), Prof. Peter Seitz (Co-President a.i.)

The SATW’s co-presidency ad interim is testimony to collegial cooperation on all levels. The multi-year planning provided orientation and the strategy was developed further under intense pressure. Thanks to the personal commitment and competence of the many people involved with SATW, a transition was ensured, which enabled us to continue business activities on schedule, with quality and success.

This resulted in new confidence and a spirit of optimism that could be felt in many areas. There was close and committed cooperation across all geographical and subject-related boundaries. This has enabled the organisation to take an important step towards modernisation: SATW is in the midst of a digital, organisational and cultural transformation.

Today’s SATW is also well received by the association Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, of which SATW is a member. Here too, a new understanding of identity and cooperation has been found: The six members act as autonomous competence centres in a ‘federal union’ based on the principle of subsidiarity; at the same time, a lively exchange and synergies are promoted, in order to jointly increase visibility and impact in society.

Our SATW focuses on foresight, cooperation and responsibility. We achieve the set goals together.